GDR CD 9407/ABCD Neil Young – Rock’n’Roll Cowboy

This box on Neil Young has achieved resounding success with audiences and critics alike. Essentially a work due to the genius of Ermanno which in the credits is hidden under the pseudonym of “Erik Lafayette”. This box was printed over three years, in no less than 10,000 copies, and the object of honor, I think unique, to be the inspiration for an entire book “Neil Young – Love To Burn” by Paul Williams, Omnibus Press, 1997.

It was also the subject of an episode, which seems true, between Reprise and Neil Young. It seems at the time that this box fell in the hands of the Reprise executives who had to play it to Neil to ask him what to do and when Young saw the product he stayed silent and then burst into a choleric crisis, not directed however towards the GDR but of the unlucky  officials of their own record company. If this story is true, it took another 20 years before recovering him from the blow received.

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